Harness the true potential of your smile through our dentist in Milton Keynes


Restore your smile

At Grange Farm Dental Practice we are committed to helping every patient achieve their dental dreams and unlocking the true potential and power of their smiles. We are a dentist in Milton Keynes who achieves this through a number of different treatments and procedures – including dental implants, which are a massively effective way of creating an entirely new and fully-functioning smile for anyone who has lost one, multiple or all of their natural teeth.

You are never too old to improve your dental health, and anyone who is missing teeth and would like to make a positive change should get in touch with us here at Grange Farm Dental Practice today and book in for a consultation at their next convenience.

What are dental implants?

Thanks to the wonders of modern dentistry, nowadays anyone who has lost either all, some or one of their natural teeth can have the space in their smile filled in on a permanent basis through the sturdy and comfortable solution that is dental implants. These are a clinically proven, successful way to restore the functionality and visual appeal of your smile through the insertion of a small metallic screw into your jawbone. This metal screw is made from a specialist titanium-alloy metal, which is chosen for dental implant treatment due to its unique ability to merge itself with human bone tissue.

Choosing dental implants from our dentist in Milton Keynes is the best way to avoid the numerous health implications of having an untreated space in your mouth – such as a loss in facial bone density – through one simple and effective treatment. If you would like to speak with a professional about dental implants then simply call, email or visit our practice here at range Farm Dental Practice when you can and our expert staff will fill you in on the details.

What else can a dentist in Milton Keynes offer?

Alongside our highly accredited dental implant service here at Grange Farm Dental Practice we also offer our patients access to a massive variety of treatments which range from general dentistry – such as root canal therapy, dental hygienist services and pain free density – to oral surgical procedures such as extractions and laser surgical treatments. For patients who are looking to enhance the way their smiles look we also provide a range of cosmetic treatments such as dental whitening, porcelain veneers and white fillings.

The best way to find out which of the many treatments available here at Grange Farm Dental Practice is most fitting to your needs is to arrange for a personal consultation with one of our in-house professional practitioners.

This way you can explain to them in your own words why you are seeking dental help and what your ideal outcome would be. With this information our team can then start on creating a customised and unique plan of action and treatment schedule.

What are laser surgical treatments?

The use of laser surgical treatments is one of the many aspects of our dental practice which sets us apart from the crowd. Lasers in dentistry use concentrated beams of light to treat and sterilise oral infections, as well as treating gummy smiles and replacing the need for drills to be used during dental surgeries. The use of lasers can reduce the overall healing time after a dental surgery, as well as minimise the fear of undergoing procedures which typically involve drills and other potentially-intimidating pieces of dental equipment.