Do I Need To Go To The Dentist In Milton Keynes?


It is actually very common for lots of people to avoid going to their dentists. There are usually two reasons: either they do not like the dentist all that much, and it is rooted in anxiety or trauma, or they think they should only go if a problem is manifesting. Today, we at Grange Farm Dental Practice want to take the latter and explore why coming to see us for regular dental appointments is actually really important and beneficial for your health and piggy banks.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

With dental health, it is very common that the early signs of a problem developing might not be obvious to you. You might not experience any pain or notice any difference in the look or feel of your teeth or gums, but during a checkup, our dentist in Milton Keynes can find out what is going on underneath. Scans and x-rays can show decay before it is visible on the surface of the tooth, which is really important as it can stop you from losing the tooth altogether and indicate that you just need a filling to repair the tooth.

Then there is gum disease. We at Grange Farm Dental Practice are able to see gum disease developing long before you likely will. We will be able to pick up on even the slightest inflammation, preventing patients from ever having to get to the stage of bleeding gums. This is known as preventive dentistry, which we think is the way forward when it comes to looking after teeth and gums.

What Is Preventive Dentistry Exactly?

Preventive dentistry does exactly what it says on the tin. Simply put, preventive dentistry is anything that we can do with you to make sure we keep your gums and teeth healthy. Now we can’t do anything about teeth falling out due to accidents, but we can keep the roots and jaws as healthy as possible to keep teeth strong and less likely to be damaged. Practically, it means coming to see our dentist in Milton Keynes for regular checkups every six months, keeping on top of oral hygiene and eating a healthy balanced diet.

The Money Bit

We know forking out for checkups and hygiene appointments can feel like money you just do not want to spend; however, investing a little in your dental health every year in order to protect your teeth in the long term could actually save you money. An NHS dental checkup is as little as £23.80, whereas NHS treatments can cost up to £282.80. Now it is simply just money smart to invest in maybe two checkups costing £47.60 than to leave issues untreated and end up with massive bills. You could even have a hygienist appointment to maintain optimum gum health and still be better off financially – it just makes sense. Speak to our dentist in Milton Keynes at Grange Farm Dental Practice to get advice on NHS and private dental care options.