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Restore missing teeth and boost your confidence

The dental implants themselves are tiny titanium metal rods which are gently placed into your jawbone. Over a few months your jawbone bonds with the rods to form, in effect, a false tooth root. A crown is placed over the metal rods to complete the treatment.

Our dental implants offer a lasting solution to tooth loss, whether you have the odd gap in your smile or no teeth at all. They are a reliable way to replace teeth as they provide a firm foundation for crowns, bridges or dentures.

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What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Durability – implants stay firmly in place and can last for many years
  • They protect the jawbone by keeping it stimulated and they prevent existing teeth from moving around
  • Stop any speaking and chewing problems that may be caused by missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures
  • They can provide a big boost to your confidence by restoring your smile

What does the procedure involve?

The implant is placed into the patients jawbone under local anaesthetic. A period of 8-12 weeks healing is required to allow the bone to grow around the implant before a tooth is attached to it. In some cases, a tooth can be attached to the implant on the same day, however this is less common and a temporary crown or bridge can be made in the meantime to restore function and appearance.

Why choose Grange Farm?

  • Dr Srirama Challa is registered as a specialist in oral surgery and have two certificates in Implantology. He also has a Masters in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and a Masters in Lasers which all these involve in training in Implantology.
  • We work as a team with specialists that share the same desire to give you treatment that will last a lifetime by staying on the front-end of these advancements.
  • With the advancement in dental implant technologies, we maintain a high standard to give you the best tooth replacement option available.
  • We offer an interest free payment plans over 12 months should you wish to spread the cost of your treatment.
  • We offer flexible appointment times, including Saturdays.

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