Children’s Dental Health

From the time your child might be about six-months-old, their teeth play an important role in their development. It is very important to begin healthy and beneficial dental habits with your child at a very early age. This can help them have better oral health throughout their entire life. We can provide you with all the necessary resources you might need to help establish those habits.

Our staff can help with a variety of issues, including:

• Normal dental visits
• Tooth decay caused by baby bottle
• Emergency dental care
• Dental X-rays
• Tooth grinding
• Child tooth eruption
• Fluoride
• Diet
• Cavity prevention
• Thumb suckers and pacifiers
• Mouth guards
• Sippy cups

Your child should have their first dental visit near their first birthday. One of the most important things about this first visit is growing a sense of familiarity with the dentist, staff, and office. That’s why we always strive to provide an outstanding atmosphere to complement our superior paediatric dental care.

For dental appointments, please call 01908 508704