CBCT Scanner

What is a CBCT scan?

A CBCT scan produces a 3D image of your teeth and bone and it shows cross sectional images.

It is a smaller, faster and safer version of the usual CT scanner. The scanning time is significantly reduced and the dose of radiation is also much smaller.

The machine rotates around your head similar to the old Panoramic dental unit which is often used in dental premises and hospital settings.

Why should I have a dental CBCT?

The image produced from this machine is more detailed than that of a regular 2D x-ray.

For example, you can avoid the shadows produced from overlapping of teeth on standard x-rays and if being considered for implants, this scan also measures the bone density of your jaw to check your suitability and assess if further treatment might need to be carried out.

3D Imaging: Experience the difference

3D technology is becoming increasingly well established in dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and explanations of treatment, 3D X-rays offers a number of advantages. Whether for superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, 3D images are of inestimable value for a large number of diagnoses.


ORTHOPHOS SL 3D. The complete X-ray solution for every practice.

The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D is a genuine all-rounder X-ray device. From incredibly sharp 2D panoramic images with its DCS sensor and Sharp Layer Technology, to full 3D volume flexibility due to its selectable fields of view and easier, more secure patient positioning for the perfect image, the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D facilitates every practice workflow.

  • Direct Conversion Sensor for incomparable sharp image quality
  • Variety of 3D volume sizes for absolute flexibility
  • Sharp Layer (SL) technology ensures the entire jaw is in focus
  • Interactive SL for subsequent lingual / buccal object focusing without a second X-ray
  • SIDEXIS 4 imaging software: modern, intuitive, unique tools
  • Optimal positioning thanks to patented and brilliant solutions

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